You’re looking for a doctor to treat you as an individual. A doctor who will personalize your care and suggest the best treatment options. At our office you are not “a disk” “an irritable bowel” “an insomniac” “an asthmatic” or the hundreds of other possible diagnosis labels. The same diagnosis in different people may require a totally different intervention. Don’t chase around and get treated by the myriad specialists that focus on body parts and disease labels. The best way to recover or maintain your health is to be treated as the whole and unique individual you are.

Dr. Francine Burke at A Healing Place focuses on your specific needs. It has been more accepted that the factors of mind, emotion and body all work together. If the problem you are experiencing is treatable by a physical intervention, such as soft tissue therapy, adjustments, nutrition, physical therapy then that is what is recommended. If there influences such as stress, unresolved emotional states, chronic recurrent or changeable symptoms and conditions which influence your physical health, then the more inclusive Homeopathic approach is recommended.

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